EARGE ® Teknoloji, as a software brand guarantees your satisfaction.| understands you, offers optimum solution.|develops innovative software.|offers innovative suggestions.

EARGE ® Technology Limited, Its new office is at your service at Mistral Plaza in Bayraklı, the heart of İzmir.


We propose your projects with real budgeting based on clear analysis.


We offer the most accurate technology with our 10+ years of know-how experience.

Technical Support

We provide service with our 24/7 open support system with a high response rate.

Announcement! EARGE Teknoloji Limited company has ceased its activities. While we maintain ongoing technical support with existing customers, our preference is to transfer support through different companies, if possible. For this reason, we cannot respond to your requests for new proposals and projects. We wanted to inform you that we will not take on a new project in any way. We present it to your information.

1- Submit Your Requests

You can start the process by submitting your software expectations to us via the Offer Request Form.

2- Evaluate Our Offer

We review it within 1-3 working days, communicate when necessary, complete the preliminary analysis of the project and return with a work proposal that estimates the budget range.

3- Confirm

In case of positive feedback, we offer detailed analysis service for planning and precise budgeting.
We start our technical analysis report and final project proposal with your approval.


Get Custom Software Development Offer

You can be a team trying to bring the idea of a corporate company, SME or start-up to life.

Write us the software you need, complete the first step on the way to your dream project.

Our Works


Fisher Manager

It is a software solution developed with OpenDev for fish farms within Fisher Manager Su Ürünleri Teknolojileri A.Ş.

F&B Aksesuar - B2B

F&B Accessory Bag has transferred the order processes of all its customers to the EARGE B2B system. It is a B2B software infrastructure with an advanced 360 degree product promotion module.


We work with MaviPiksel Bilişim Hizmetleri, one of the leading web agency companies in İzmir, as our solution partner in our agency activities.

Responsive Design

We develop our projects with 'Responsive Design', which can automatically adapt the interface design according to the device.

Information Security

All your information security is guaranteed with software solutions that comply with the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

Respect for Time

With our unique technical analysis service based on our experience, we make it possible to complete our projects on time and successfully.

Cloud Technology

We build all your projects on 'Cloud Technology', which you can safely access from anywhere with internet.


We share with you the know-how we have with over 10+ years of industry experience.

Strong Infrastructure

With our strong E-Commerce software infrastructure and OpenDev open source development platform, we produce tailor-made solutions for all your needs.


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