EARGE ® Technology has a corporate culture that is sensitive to social needs.
In this direction, it aims to provide solutions to social problems and support those in need with its voluntary projects aiming at social benefit, which it continues voluntarily.

Free Hosting Support for Students and Startups
We offer free hosting and server services in order to experience the software knowledge that university students have learned in real life and to meet their projects with the end user. We also offer free server and hosting support to newly established companies for 2 years.

You can use the form below to apply.


Earthquake Free Life - Free Earthquake Risk Analysis Project
The biggest cause of loss of life during an earthquake is the use of buildings that are not resistant to earthquakes. The society does not have the power to control the soundness of the house in which it lives due to financial inadequacies. With the project developed together with the "Earthquake Free Life Volunteers", you can have the soundness evaluation of the building you want free of charge. It has been developed by a completely volunteer software expert team under the leadership of EARGE, a collaboration platform where experts in the field evaluate and share the analysis results. ( beta )


Planting Saplings for a Green World - Aegean Forest Foundation
After the software projects we offer to our customers are completed, we send a gift card on behalf of each of our customers to plant 5 saplings on behalf of our customer through the "Aegean Forest Foundation" online site. Thus, for a greener and cleaner world, we contribute to raise awareness of our customers, albeit small, and with the saplings planted.

As EARGE, we care about supporting social needs whenever possible. We believe in the power of social life.