EARGE started to serve in 2009 and accelerated its work with the completion of trademark registration procedures in 2010. In the first years of its establishment, as an outsource software company, it served to software companies from various sectors and successfully took part in corporate projects.

EARGE aims to provide the optimum level of benefit in every field it serves with its experience and knowledge. For this purpose, by investing in its own software framework infrastructure, it provides service with its technical infrastructure that responds to more requests in a shorter time.

In B2B and E-Commerce solutions, it has been the pioneer of cloud technologies with the flexible technology infrastructure it offers to its customers since its early years. By offering many technologies such as multi-store management technology or CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology on a single platform to its customers in its first years, it has made it possible for them to benefit from these technologies before anyone else. It continues to prove its experience in the field with web projects designed with the latest technologies and working with high performance on all devices.

Hospital Intranet Portal, Dealer Management System, Stock and Accounting Management Automation, XML and Restful Service Integrations, Api Integration Services, SAP Integration Services and many various software projects have successfully managed to provide software services that will produce the most accurate and optimum result.

EARGE, which has managed to have a happy team with its strong team management understanding, provides flawless and uninterrupted service to its valuable customers with its flexible, friendly and sincere team. By investing in the future, it has always been a successful business partner in adapting its customers to innovations with a team ready for tomorrow's technology, not limited to today, beyond our age with in-house trainings.

It has always succeeded in satisfying its customers with the momentum gained by having a team with high analytical skills and working with passion. The EARGE team, with its entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism, has signed a successful in-house entrepreneurship technology project.

EARGE is at your service with B2B, E-Trade and in-company corporate projects with its team management approach aiming not today but tomorrow with its belief in continuous education.